From 11h30            Vintage cars Exhibition begins in the heart of the village


11h30-14h00          Musical Ensembles Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy

                                      In the village.

14h00&16h30        Guided tour among the Old-timers done by M. Rölli. 

                                 Meeting point, Landhaus Hotel. German only.


14h00-17h30          Discovery - Gstaad Menuhin Festival

                                 Children build their own instrument. 7-12 years old.

                                 On the village square.

14h30-18h30          Macadam Jazz Band performing in the main street

14h30-18h30         Various performances by Mime Roberto Gerboles

                                 (student of the famous Swiss Clown Dimitri) in the main


18h30                       End of the exhibition.

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